Today, the Bitcoin has been so far advanced into the people's food point, so that, of course, it is also trying to integrate it into everyday life. Even though there is always talk of a "bubble" that soon bursts, there are enough experts who believe that Bitcoin could no longer be pushed out of the screen surface. So-called online casinos, which are always on the lookout for cheap and secure payment transactions, also deal with the digital currency and even offer to be able to make deposits with Bitcoin.

Whether you believe it or not. There is almost no Bitcoin Online Casino, which does not offer Bitcoin sports betting. Bitcoin sports betting make it easier than ever to place its bets on big sporting events. Bitcoin sports betting allow players to put on the results of various sporting events, such as tennis, boxing, football, baseball, basketball, cricket, motor sport, rugby and much more.

If you can play with Bitcoins in an attractive online casino, then you can also play casino classics with Bitcoins at the Live Casino. The casino classics are the popular casino games, which also make up the flair of real casinos: Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and Bakkarat. So, use your bitcoins to play these prestigious games in online casinos and multiply your bitcoins with some luck in this way quickly and safely. Because what's better than a handful of bitcoins? -Many Handful Bitcoins!

Well, not everything is gold, which shines. Although Bitcoin offers many advantages, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world comes with a few drawbacks. The world of cryptocurrencies is still complicated to understand for all those who have never really worked with it. That's why the handling of Bitcoin for one or the other could be a bit difficult at the beginning. In addition, the value of the Bitcoin is subject to very strong fluctuations. This can lead above all to negative experiences if you want to exchange Bitcoin back into your national currency and the exchange rate is bad at this moment.

This tip refers exclusively to BTC as currency. For transfers to BTC, you decide for yourself how fast such a transfer is to take place. The system is simple: the more money you are willing to "sacrifice" for the transaction, the faster your transfer will go through the stage. This is fairly fair, but it is also expensive if it is to go faster. In comparison to PayPal, VISA, MasterCard & Co., you currently have to expect high fees in Bitcoin Online Casino. It is expected that technical progress will reduce transaction fees in the future.

Usually Bitcoins can be transferred to the online account at a casino within a few minutes. Some providers also allow the super-fast transfer within a few seconds. On the other hand, there are mostly longer waiting times for the payouts. The payment requests are checked and processed manually, and only then completed via online systems. However, these payouts are much faster than those of real online casinos, which are used to play money.

Many newspapers, such as the Wirtschaftswoche, last reported intensified activities by the authorities to crack down on illegal money laundering with Bitcoin casinos.

The introduction of this currency was announced the first time in October 2008 and was published in early 2009. Satoshi Nakamoto is mentioned as the inventor, although it is not clear whether this is a single person, a group of developers or a pseudonym. The transaction method was quickly supported by programmers and developers of other projects with the same goal.

I always hear blockchain: What is this?

This topic has nothing directly to do with Bitcoin casinos, which is why we only cut it briefly. If you are using cryptocurrencies and you might want to deposit money in a Bitcoin Online Casino, you might stumble over the term Blockchain.

According to the developer Satoshi Nakamoto, the cryptocurrency was invented in 2007 and was presented and published for the first time as open source reference software in January 2009. The value of a bitcoin in 2010 was just barely $0.40, with the course reaching a value of just under $20,000 on 17.12.2017. What is also interesting is the fact that Satoshi Nakamoto is merely a pseudonym and no one knows which person or group is behind it.

The website accepts both Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency Litecoin. For the customers there is an extensive range of popular games as well as many sports bets. As with all high-quality pages, is also the main focus of the game fun, and this includes impressive graphics and a child-friendly operation. The website has gone online in 2014 and has constantly updated and boosted its collection.

The more the popularity of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum increases, the more online gaming banks will offer this as a payment method. For the moment, there are only a small number of US Bitcoin casinos with cryptocurrencies as payment method.

The already quite good distribution of Bitcoin, both for users and casinos, cannot hide the fact that the payment in the online casino with cryptocurrencies is still a niche existence friars. Only the least of the large and well-established casino providers offer even a possibility to make a crypto deposit via Neteller, which then appears as a euro amount on the casino account. The market of Bitcoin casinos is therefore being hacked by rather unknown casinos, which are now making a name for themselves in the industry-and the game offers of these reputable Bitcoin casinos do not need to hide from the very big ones in any case! Unfortunately, legislators and regulatory authorities with cryptocurrencies are still very difficult to do, which is mainly due to the status as a means of payment and not as a currency, as well as to the difficult (but not impossible) money laundering prevention.

In order to be able to use Bitcoin in online casinos, you first need a Bitcoin wallet to deposit and withdraw money. This can, of course, be set up via the Bitcoin website. Basically, there are two types of wallets you can set up. Web-based wallet service and desktop wallets. For practical reasons, we recommend that you set up a web wallet instead of a desktop wallet, for which you actually have to install a software on your computer. However, if you personally prefer security, decide for a desktop wallet that doesn't work through third-party online software.

Bitcoins are safe and independent. There is no institution that watches over your assets or restricts transactions. However, this also means that you are solely responsible for your credit! This applies above all to your private key, which is required for access to the Coins belonging to the Public Key. This private key is created only once together with the public key. This key cannot be changed and will not be restored if it is lost. If this key falls into foreign hands, they have full and unrestricted control over the associated credit, without being able to prevent anything from doing so. Thus, if the key is lost, the bitcoins are also irrevocably gone. To get acquainted with the very special terms, you can best look at the official Bitcoin glossary.

"As mentioned above, there are no roulette games that are 100% based on blockchain, and we will update you as soon as this changes." The gambling roulette is and remains the classic at the casino. In the country-based casinos, just like in the virtual worlds. Immerse yourself in the exciting game of colour, number and victory. Turn with and bet on your favorites. With the frequently offered Live Dealer Roulette games, you can feel real Casino flair. They chat with your, usually female and very pretty, croupier and exchange for favors with other players in the chat. In real time, you will be hoisted and served at the table, you can check in real time whether your tactics and your plan have gone up at roulette. On every Bitcoin casino represented on site, you can find different variants of the Roulette game for an optimal gaming experience.

Play slots with Bitcoin

The reason why there are Bitcoin casinos at all and why such an arcade can be very interesting for you is very simple: Due to the particularly strong encryption technology you as a user profit from the highest security, you have the full transparency thanks to the blockchain technology and not least BTC is also independent of other payment service providers and banks. This will give you the opportunity to gamble completely anonymously on the Internet.

Live Dealer Games are the latest addition to the Bitcoin Live casinos and allow players to watch video streams of the dealers as they play the game. As with the non-live offers, it is also available with the live version of it. At the Bitcoin casinos of our list, you can enjoy the most popular table games with live dealers. These include games such as baccarat, roulette and blackjack. Most online Bitcoin websites allow users to play live casino games. But be sure to read our other reviews to find more Bitcoin Live Casino websites where you can find the best Live Dealer.

As already described above, Bitcoin is only offered by a few casinos as a payment method.

If the bonus conditions do not include any limitation and Bitcoins are accepted as a payment method in the Internet Casino, no bonus activation via BTC is in the way. For security, however, a look at the terms and conditions and bonus rules is to be recommended prior to payment. We recommend that you take a look at the ABGs because even in online casinos with PayPal already established e-wallets for bonus offers are excluded. That's why it's always worth a look at the current bonus conditions. Here you can get an overview of the best casino bonuses with Bitcoin.