Bitcoin is seen by many people worldwide as the currency of the future, which is mainly due to the worldwide availability and the decentralized booking system, without a required payment processing via banks. Many online casinos are also currently jumping on the trend and offering site and other casino games with bitcoins. We help you find the best Bitcoin casinos online and tell you how the new payment system works and what the benefits of Bitcoin payment are.

Since the bitcoins have not yet prevailed, it can't hurt to have other payment options in the back hand. One of the tried-and-tested methods of payment is and still remains the credit card in online casinos. In most cases, cards of the companies Visa and Master are accepted here. However, some casinos also accept the Diner's Club or a valid card from American Express. Those who do not have such a credit card, however, do not have to stay outside. Because there are a number of other deposit methods.

The casinos, which accept bitcoins for deposits, often allow users to pay out their money with the Bitcoin wallet. However, you must confirm beforehand with the casino that this is also possible. If it is not possible, you have to choose a different payment method, which is usually a bank transfer. To make the payment with the casino, you have to tell the casino your public key for your Bitcoin wallet, so that you can send the bitcoins to your digital wallet.

Fraud almost excluded

Since after the sending of the bitcoins there is no longer any possibility to reroute or change an amount, the fraud in the Bitcoin Casino is also excluded. Only a small transaction fee can be improved in retrospect-however, this does not change the amount of money sent and can only be carried out by yourself. Since the Bitcoin course has also fluctuated in relative terms in recent months, you also enjoy a certain value stability. To this end, the cryptocurrency can only be used up to a certain limit: it is excluded from dilution. The transaction fees already mentioned above are also kept within fair limits, so that you do not suffer any disadvantages here: the costs are just once in the cent range per transaction.

Bitcoin Live Blackjack is also a pretty popular game among fans of Live Dealer Tables. For example, casinos that offer Live Dealer platforms are always available to play several games with Live Blackjack. The game offers a small house advantage, exciting side bets and fast-paced action. Some of the Live Blackjack tables you can try out are Live Blackjack, Blackjack Party and VIP Blackjack. In addition, many operators have branded Live Blackjack tables for a more intimate and personal experience. Finally, we'd like to mention some of the side bets that are accepted on Live Blackjack Bitcoin tables, such as perfect pairs and 21 + 3.

For the sake of completeness, we would like to note that with many providers you can not only pay with Bitcoin (BTC), but also with Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (RTH) or Ripple (XRP).

There are different player groups for which different casinos are suitable. Anyone who has ever been able to deal with Bitcoins is probably part of the group, for which a visit to a fully crypto-casino can be worthwhile. Players will benefit from the strengths of Bitcoins in the payments. You do not pay any exchange fees even if the casino is located in another country and the currency is not issued in euros. In addition, Bitcoin casinos usually offer enormously fast disbursements, which is not the case for classic providers due to the bank transfer days. While a bank payout can take several days, a transfer to a bitcoin wallet is often done after about an hour.

It is self-evident that most Bitcoin casinos are fully optimized for use on mobile phones and tablets. This means that you can also access the Bitcoin game experience on the go, which makes it even more practical. While some providers offer special apps for download, others simply need to log in to your casino account in the mobile web browser. This makes it a lot easier to play on the go and is an important consideration for many players who don't want to restrict your games to a desktop PC.

Again and again, one hears that Bitcoin is an anonymous currency and is therefore particularly well-suited for criminal activities. That's wrong. The fact that only the public key of sender and recipient can be viewed publicly in the blockchain in the case of payments with Bitcoin does not mean that these payments are anonymous. Because as soon as payments can be allocated to a particular store (e.g. purchase in an online shop, exchange in other currencies), you also know to whom the respective public key belongs. In the end, Bitcoin is at best pseudoanonymously and money flows via Bitcoin can very well be traced for law enforcement.

What alternatives are there in casinos to bitcoins?

Best Bitcoin casinos offer you, of course, other alternative payment methods, which function similarly safely and quickly. Check out the eWallets Neteller and Skrill in any case. This allows you to deposit money anonymously and quickly and also offer you the possibility to acquire cryptocurrencies. So you can use these eWallets as Bitcoin wallets and so you have the opportunity to play for real money.

The live games are at a distance from the most popular games and are the absolute highlight in many casinos. Using state-of-the-art technologies, ultrascharfe streams are offered, so you get the feeling of actually being in a casino. But which Bitcoin casinos offer such live games?

This is understood to mean any kind of dice game where you can use digital currencies as an insert. There are a lot of different Bitcoin games that everyone is allowed to fathom.

This question is not to be answered, no one can look into the future and there are both arguments for a crash as well as for success. I therefore cannot and would not like to make a prognosis. However, if you decide for the future of Bitcoin, as with any type of investment, I can only recommend that you sprinkle your capital. That means you should not invest everything in cryptocurrencies and not all of it in Bitcoin. Nevertheless, Krypto's remains an interesting speculative asset for those who lack the long-term confidence in our current financial system and believe that Bitcoin & Co. could be an unmanipulable alternative.

? Do I need my own Bitcoin Wallet to be able to play?

Bitcoin is a distributed cryptocurrency that is traded on the World Wide Web. It is not influenced by central banks or governments. In addition, Bitcoin offers security and anonymity in all transactions.

The operators of Bitcoin casinos are striving to read out the proverbial lips to the customers every wish. So it is clear that it is not mandatory to only play with real money. On the contrary, customers can also expect some Bitcoin casino bonuses in the cryptocurrency casino without a deposit, which allows the game to be played on the house. While free games belong to the good sound, percentages are also charged to the first deposit.