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The Mr Bet Casino offers you a fantastic 1500 € welcome bonus and even a 10 € bonus without deposit. The games offer with over 3000 games is also very enthusiastic!

The creative of the game developers have come up with a lot to pep up the classic game. So you'll find a Double Ball variant, where you can even win a jackpot when both balls end up in the same notch. The Multi Wheel is also a game that only exists in the online world. With up to 8 wheels at the same time you play here. If the bike is a little too small, it simply tries to get 101 roulette, which has 105 segments.

Bavaria-also the southernmost state will no longer want to wait and will most likely also initiate its own law if a nationwide agreement should fail.

Paysafecard: The biggest advantage of the prepaid provider Paysafecard is that you can deposit completely anonymously. Until recently it was not possible to carry out the Paysafecard excavations. However, since the latest you can create an account with the provider in order to also be able to make payouts.

If you activate this option, only online casinos will be listed in our comparison, which will offer PayPal as payment method. PayPal is a widely used and popular payment method on the Internet in USA. Currently, however, there are not many casinos in the Internet PayPal.

With regard to the gambling industry, the two small EU members have simply recognized the signs of the times much faster and quickly created a comprehensive set of rules for online casinos. So it's absolutely understandable that so many operators, gaming and software developers we've been investigating in our casino test, today entertain at least one branch in one of the two countries.

Overview of gambling licenses

What are the different licenses that exist when it comes to online casinos? Until we have a clear position on gambling in USA, players across Europe can register in online casinos. Which are the best licenses and which are for serious gambling websites?

The key word is here: RNG! This is the abbreviation for the English term "Random Number Generator" and does not translate anything other than "random generator". This is responsible for the fact that there is a random sequence of numbers and events-always according to the latest state of the art.

At the heart of the page are the casino test reports from now over 90 providers, which we have tested on the heart and kidneys and keep constantly under observation. Site assesses the tested brands and their offer in percent. Where 100% would mean that the casino is flawless and critical in all test categories. In view of the fact that we are looking very carefully and making honest, reputable assessments, it is utopian that an online provider of vending machines reaches the full percentage.

Of importance for our online casinos in the test and the European market in general are the licences from Malta and Gibraltar. For a similar period of time as the UK Authority, the Malta Gaming Authority and the Gambling Commissioner of Gibraltar have issued state licences to selected casino operators. Both institutions have developed a very good reputation with their high standards. This is also why the two countries have long established themselves as important centres of the gambling industry.

? Can I first only play the games that are used to fulfill my sales goal?

If not explicitly excluded, all games may be played. If these do not contribute to the sales requirements, it will only take longer until you reach them. If you still have enough time to free up the bonus, that's not a problem. However, if the end of the period is closer, it is advisable to focus first on games that free up the bonus. The quickest way to do this is to use these slots of the best casino slots.

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We also recommend that you take the following test criteria into account when choosing an online casino and will also be discussed in our test report:

Payment system-So that the money can be paid in and out, there must be a payment system for the process.

From a technical point of view, Voodoo Dreams is a solid casino with a great look and great game selection. As a new customer, you will be granted extensive bonus programs, which, however, lose a little bit of attractiveness due to the restrictive bonus conditions.

Proven fair games and high payout rates

These are two different things that you should both find in detail on the homepages of your online casinos. It is extremely important that your casino is proven to be serious and that you do not have an exaggerated high house advantage almost already abstract for your game. Since both of these things are directly related to the transparency of a casino operator, we have decided to summarize these two points in the evaluation.

In the meantime, the GlüStV already exists in its third version, in early 2019 the 16 federal states adopted the treaty which is valid to date. In the middle of 2021, the new constitution of the US gambling market should take effect. Even now, however, the exclusive significance of the contract will probably be clear-because online casinos will be allowed to operate legally in USA in the future-whether via their own software in the browser or mobile devices.

It is important that you check whether the permit is valid. Most of the time, a link from the Online Casinos website already leads to the licensor, so you can immediately see that it is a valid permit. If not, you can also search for yourself with the license number, which is almost always published.

11. Member in key industry associations

As an industry association, ESSA and Co. are jointly responsible for the fact that gambling has become very serious and reliable over the last few years on the World Wide Web. By becoming a member of a well-known association, the operator of an online casino documents that it feels obligated to the high demands of the association. Moreover, the large interbranch organisations do not tolerate any black sheep in their ranks.

As you will notice quickly, the table limit in an online casino is much more advantageous than in a classic casino. In part you can already chase down from a few cents of the magic 21. For players with a big budget, the betting limits go far higher than you can find in Baden-Baden or at the Casino Dortmund Hohensyburg.

But why are many explicitly looking for US online casinos? On the one hand, because you feel more comfortable on the US market for language reasons and on the other hand because they think that they can complain in case of emergency in USA. Only in Schleswig-Holstein there are currently online casino providers who have a US license. This scheme makes it impossible for non-state providers to officially offer their casinos on the US online casino market. In order to counteract this misconception, the European Union has determined that players from USA can legally register in an EU-licensed casino.

Are you looking for a casino with many slots or are you looking for the live casino? You want to find good online casinos, we'll find you one that best suits you.

We would like to point out that the US legislators are currently working on a new state gambling contract, which allows online casinos with US licence from the summer of 2021 onwards to pay a maximum of 1,000 euros per month at the online slot machines with real money. This process is used to prevent and combat gambling addiction. Also, Volcano Vegas is a legal and licensed casino that will stick to these requirements.

So that you know what seals you need to search, I will give you all the important information about the licensing offices and explain how it (presumably) will continue in USA. The most important European licenses for US players are the following:

The Winners Magic Casino, which was founded in 2019, is still quite unknown, but it was able to convince us completely. Bonus, game offer, payment options and customer support are as varied and professional as with the biggest providers in the industry!

Check that the RTP value of a game is over 95%. Serious casinos generally offer a higher value. The RTP value (Return to Player), which Casinos have to expel for each gambling game, indicates the theoretical payout rate that flows back to the user when he plays at this game.