Since yesterday, Bitcoin has experienced a significant increase once again and storms the news. Within just 24 hours, the price went up from € 8630 to € 9250, a 7% increase in the price of financial markets is not seldom expected within a year, but Bitcoin manages to do so within just 24 hours. Many of the lucky investors want to raise the earned money as soon as possible, and try their luck at Bitcoin casinos. So the exciting Zocken does not end and will continue at the Casino.

It's a well-known fact that the best thing about Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency is the anonymity that they offer to users. Therefore, if you wish to use Bitcoin, you do not have to disclose any personal or financial data to the virtual casino Bitcoin. On the contrary, to make a deposit or payout in casinos that take Bitcoin, you only need your Bitcoin wallet address. Remember, however, that the operator can collect certain personal data during registration.

More and more online casinos offer their customers the option of loading the account with Bitcoin. In the area of gambling, the future of the cryptocurrency seems almost guaranteed. Not only is the payment process with the Bitcoin extremely easy, the digital currency also scores in the area of security.

Although Bitcoin Online Casinos are not known to every gamer, they are increasingly influencing the world of virtual gaming halls. It is evident that more and more casinos are offering the cryptocurrency as a payment method. A Bitcoin Casino offers many new opportunities thanks to the acceptance of BTC, which has practically revolutionized the market.

Even if Bitcoin sounds tricky, it's very easy to open an account and deposit it into your Bitcoin casino. The first step is to create an online wallet in which your bitcoins will be saved. There are different types of Bitcoin wallets and the difference is explained on Here the Wallet can also be created. Well, if you have a wallet, you need something you can accommodate there. You can purchase Bitcoins directly from another user, buy them from one of the online dealers, or exchange them from the bank account. The last step is to find a trustworthy Bitcoin Casino website and make your first deposit.

This is a very safe procedure, because this is a decentralized operation that no one can access either-that is, the blockchain is tamper-proof. This also means that it is a very safe transfer of money if the online casino account is to be charged with Bitcoin.

Step 2: specification of the personal ID

In the next step, you will normally have to have your identity checked by providing a copy of the identity card. Depending on the Bitcoin exchange platform you use, these documents may range from your identity card or driver's license and a current electricity bill to a copy of your birth certificate or passport.

It is hard to assume that Bitcoin casinos will prevail over the next few years. The cryptocurrency has been in existence for 10 years now, but here and there it is certainly still worthy of improvement. That doesn't matter, because as a customer, you can rely completely on the know-how of the operators at the Bitcoin Casino.

If you want to play real money online with BitCoin at the casino and are looking for a good provider, you just have to look at the list of best players with our test winners on the top of this page. This gives you the opportunity to compare the best US Bitcoin casinos online at a glance and you can choose a provider that offers you all that you are looking for. You can find out more about the individual providers in our extensive test reports, which we always present to you here on site. Find a bit of Coin Casino now, get a welcome bonus for new customers, and play the best site online with real money.

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Bitcoin is the world's most popular cryptocurrency. More specifically, Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that is not regulated by an administrator, government, or financial institution. This cryptocurrency came onto the market ten years ago and its inventor is hidden under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. As Bitcoin acts as electronic cash, it allows users to purchase products and services. In addition, Bitcoin trading is very popular today due to the price volatility of the digital currency.

For my test, I have chosen you the best US Bitcoin casinos. These stand out in particular with their versatile portfolio and the attractive bonus offer. You now have the torment of choice. Take some time and look at all the providers carefully.

No, even if the individual Bitcoin addresses look very cryptic and don't show up names, Bitcoin is not anonymous. Each transaction is publicly available and cash flows can be clearly traced from the beginning of the blockchain. Addresses can be allocated across all possible contact points of payments to people. Bitcoin exchanges or even online casinos, for example, have to determine the identity of their customers (KYC), is bought somewhere online, there is always a delivery address, you receive money on its wallet, you have already shared the address with someone before. It is sometimes a bit more time-consuming to find out, but a complete anonymity is not given at Bitcoin.

Yes, some of the countries have already legalized the Bitcoin casino. It's not that you can use Bitcoins in any casino, but it's getting more popular and we hope that most of the major online casinos will soon accept Bitcoins. If you're looking for a Bitcoin Online Casino, the U.S. is one of the countries where you can already do it.

5. You can pay with Bitcoin at large online providers

For a long time, Bitcoin has been used exclusively as a safe method for money transfer around the world. But meanwhile, more and more big companies are accepting Bitcoin. Web wallets like PayPal allow Bitcoin payments for a small fee per payment.

The real question here is whether the top BTC casinos in which you play are legal, not the action itself. Namely, playing with Bitcoin is considered to be identical to playing with Fiat money. As long as your selected online casinos that use Bitcoin are approved by an EU commission, you can also play in USA. This applies to US players, since Bitcoin in USA is not considered illegal. For players from countries where cryptocurrencies are banned, other rules may apply.

For the sake of completeness, I would like to add some alternative blockchains. Crypto-payment methods, which have nothing to do with Bitcoin, but with which you can also deposit at various Bitcoin casinos.

No, Bitcoin is no more, and no less than a means of payment. If two parties agree, business can be carried out with any one (if it does not violate various laws). So I could theoretically sell my car and adopt it as a "currency" of eggs, pearls, or shells. Slaves, on the other hand, I should not accept for obvious reasons. A currency, in contrast, is an officially established means of payment that must be accepted. If I am asked to pay something, MUSS in USA will accept the other side of the euro-but can alternatively use other payment options if it agrees to it. If a casino accepts Bitcoin, you can also use this payment method legally.

If you are lucky enough to dug a big winnings, you can now make a payment without any problems. In order to start the process, you have to go back to the payment page and fill in the fields with the Bitcoin address and with the sum of the payouts. The money will then be directed from the selected Bitcoin casino to your own Bitcoin account.

In the mBit casino test, the young provider can leave a strong impression. The company is in the background with a license of the government of Curacao, which can guarantee the seriousness in all respects. Due to the additional checks of the random generators, a fraud on the part of the provider can also be completely ruled out. In addition to many competitors, the portfolio of the casinos can clearly assert itself. According to our experience, more than 900 games can be found here, all of which are made available by prominent developers and can thus also keep the quality up-to-date in the game. Especially the fans of the video poker games come here so right at their expense, since between more than 140 different games can be chosen. In addition, a treat is of course clearly the bonus for the Neuspieler. In principle, there is no real need for catching up. Only the US language could be made available on the homepage, as more and more players from USA can also be found in the mBit Casino.

Here too, the answer is: a Bitcoin casino is safe and serious when it is licensed by the casino, the type of payment used is incidental. If the supplier has a gambling licence, he has already taken all the necessary steps for the receipt of such a licence, to demonstrate the transparency and safety of the regulatory authority. Here you can find out what to recognize a reputable provider.

My Bitcoin casino experiences are all positive. There is now an already quite good selection of BTC casinos (see the full list of all Bitcoin casinos) and there will be more and more. The payments run smoothly and, once you have understood how the payment confirmation is related to the blockchain and the blocktime, you also have the patience to wait a few minutes to the entrance to the casino account. For this purpose, the related charges for transactions are significantly lower than for any other payment method. The very low fees also help the casino to be able to offer games with an even smaller house advantage competitive-and of that you have something as a player. The best US Bitcoin casinos have consistently high payout rates and a huge game selection.

Bitcoin games strategy

So that you don't lose your bitcoins while playing, but in the ideal case multiply, you should use a good strategy in the Bitcoin games. There are now good strategies for most casino games, which you can also use as a beginner without any problems. It is important that you start with a rather simple strategy at the beginning, so that you will not get confused and make no mistakes in the meantime. Basically, all traditional casino strategies are also available for playing with Bitcoin, which is why you can easily use one of our many strategy instructions for playing with Bitcoins. For example, if you are interested in playing Roulette with Bitcoins, you should read the article on Online Roulette.

Bitcoin as a payment method in an online casino offers some advantages for customers. However, players should also be very familiar with possible risks. A big advantage of Bitcoin as a casino payment method is that it can be completely anonymously paid in and out. In order to be able to carry out a transaction with Bitcoin, you need a so-called wallet and bitcoins themselves. These must be transferred via various providers only to their wallet. If you have this process behind you, you will benefit from really anonymous and, above all, fast payment transactions with a Bitcoin Online Casino.

Special Bitcoin casinos offer you a Bitcoin bonus, which can be different in size. I've created a list of the best Bitcoin bonus offers for you. There you will find all the important details.

The Kür of my Bitcoin test winner was not easy, because the more likely new casinos have to take a close look at it. Thanks to my test criteria, however, I have good guidelines on the hand for a test report. Here you can find the best Bitcoin Casino 2021, including all the important data and a link to the provider's detailed review so that you can get a picture of your own.

? Is there Bitcoin casinos with bonus offers?

This online casino website appeals to customers from all over the world and is even available to US players who are not allowed to participate in many online casinos. The company accepts the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and there are more than 100 different games that can be played with bitcoins. The website works with the leading game developers and therefore always offers the current hits as well as the popular classics.

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